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ADAC Eagerly Awaits News on Funding

Earlier this year, ADAC and UAA submitted a proposal to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate, Office of University Programs to establish a new DHS Center of Excellence for Homeland Security in the Arctic. While based in Anchorage, the proposal incorporates UAF and UAS researchers, as well as numerous partnering universities, national labs, business and industry members, and other DHS Centers of Excellence. DHS representatives traveled to the UAA campus in September for a site visit and ADAC was honored to receive support from its partners and collaborators from around the country. This national lineup, together with UAA leaders including Chancellor Sean Parnell and Provost Denise Runge, showcased the exceptional networking and partner development that ADAC has secured over its programmatic years as a Center of Excellence. Should ADAC be awarded this funding, it would build on this history to create a new, revitalized Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC) Addressing Rapid Changes through Technology, Innovation, and Collaboration (ARCTIC). In partnership with DHS, ADACARCTIC would address the most complex challenges facing our nation and the Arctic region. UAA and ADAC were able to secure 41 project proposals that would address some of the research and operational challenges specifically noted by DHS, such as maintaining situational awareness across immense, remote spaces to increase the efficacy of disaster response and recovery, maritime and border security, critical infrastructure protection and resilience, and other operations in and around the Arctic. Other initiatives aim to study and improve the emergence of new and improved technologies, such as internet infrastructure, and the impacts for remote villages and their resilience and commercial/economic growth. A special thanks to ADAC’s exceptional network of researchers, partners and stakeholders for their continued support and contributions. UAA and ADAC look forward to the potential this new and exciting COE for Homeland Security in the Arctic could bring to the UA system, Alaska, and beyond.